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  • How Many Carbs Can You Eat and Stay in Ketosis?

    This question seems to be a key for many who are new to a ketogenic lifestyle and diet. While it is at the same time one of the easiest questions to answer it is a very layered subject depending on your personal goals. This is why it is so frequently misspoken online as to why […]

  • What are the Best Urine Test Strips for Ketosis?

    When you start the ketogenic diet you may worry that you aren’t in “ketosis” and would like to check for yourself if you are producing ketone bodies. There is a simple answer that is inexpensive for you to use at the start which are Keto urine strips. What are the best urine test strips for […]

  • Do Calories Matter on Keto or Just Carbs? More Than Admitted

    Something that is widely misunderstood by the media and many followers of a ketogenic diet is that calories, or more specifically types of calories, still do matter. I know everyone thinks of Keto as a “magic bullet” to having to manage their food intake. By any means I do not believe myself to be an […]

  • What Does Keto Certified Mean On Product Labels?

    There are a great many labels on most foods now, from “gluten-free” to “free-range” and “keto certified”. All of these labels may appear to make the product safe or good for a specific reason, but this isn’t the entire story and quite frequently the requirements for these labels is more about money than about health […]

  • What Are Possible Hidden Carbs In Keto Diet Foods?

    This is something that has definitely caught me off guard on occasion and I always have to keep an eye on it. Over time I have developed a better understanding and radar to foods that contain more carbohydrate volume than I anticipate. Things like cinnamon that I loved to have have a much larger carbohydrate […]

  • Do Higher Ketones Burn More Fat? Not So Fast!!!

    When I started Keto a years ago I was under the impression that I had to manage and pay attention to the Ketones I am outputting. This question is frequently asked on forums, websites, and Facebook and always receives many different answers, so do higher ketones burn more fat? High levels of ketones don’t correlate […]

  • Vegan Ketogenic Diet: Thriving While Living Meat Free

    When it comes to managing a keto diet, there are several things that you will want to consider. Of course, following the guidelines of keto itself is important. This means that you are going to want to focus on turning your diet into a high-fat, low-carb diet. This will eventually induce ketosis, which has been […]

  • What Is the Best Time to Test Blood Ketones? Identify Needs

    Whether you are trying to see if your body is in a state of ketosis or you are working to manage your diabetes, there will eventually come a time when you realize that you should be testing your blood ketones. What is the best time to test blood ketones? The best time is about an […]

  • What Are Exogenous Ketones? How They Help Energize Workouts

    When I started the ketogenic diet Facebook was awash in MLM company salespeople attempting to sell their Exogenous Ketones. They were listed as solving everything that could plausibly happen to you to get into Ketosis without effort, herculean strength and also to lose weight. What Are Exogenous Ketones? Exogenous ketones are a supplemental form of […]

  • 7 Of The Most Frequent Mistakes Made on Keto Diets

    There are many issues and mistakes people encounter on their ketogenic journey. They are typically knowledge-based and as you are learning and developing your lifestyle you may follow down some of these detrimental pathways. Please note that these aren’t the end of the world but aren’t helpful to maintain your personal sanity. A great many […]