7 Best Travel Friendly Keto Snacks (Hiking, Biking, Flying)




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If you are like me traveling can be the hardest time to eat good. This is seen as an opportunity to indulge in all the foods since you’re “away from home”. This is what leads you to an overwhelming intake, then the feelings of sickness and bloat which invariably make the trip less fun overall.

Well worry not as I have a list below of items you should have on hand in your cupboard for trips just like this. No this list wont be beef jerky and pork rinds, that is just travel junk food overall and easy to know offhand.

Also note that this list is in no particular order, today I just felt like we should count down for fun!

Top 7 Travel Friendly Keto Snacks

Moon Cheese

This is one of my favorites that I didn’t even know existed until I found in a random Starbucks while travelling through Louisiana. I have been hooked ever since, I was super excited when I found them available on Amazon. Now they are always a staple of my Amazon orders.

The are more unique tasting then the other “cheese crisps” and are just right for hitting my want of something savory when i’m looking for it. They also do not require refrigeration so they are excellent in a car or on long air travel days!

If you haven’t tried them take the shot and you will not be let down. Also, these are my go-to snack for movie theaters as they are a nice swap out for popcorn.

Fat Snax Cookies

These I purchase for travel all the time as if I have a sweet tooth they hit the mark immediately. I took them on my trip to Spain through 3 long flights as they aren’t very large either and take up very little space in a carry on. Amazon has a cool multi-pack available, feel free to check the price!

The one that is my personal favorite is the lemony lemon, not sure why but lemon just hits the mark for me each time! As a note they are a teensy bit crumbly so make sure you have something to grab crumbs or a doggy to clean up after you!

They have 3 flavors currently which include Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Lemony Lemon cookies. I haven’t purchased the Chocolate chip nor peanut butter at this time. Please let me know if you order them in the comments below on what you think!

Nick’s Sticks

Sometimes what you want is a nice chunk of beef. These again are stable without refrigeration which makes them a perfect travel companion. These all come in a nice single serve package making trips easy.

I don’t like many of these style of products in most cases as they taste weird or I guess maybe it is just a too much processing taste. These though have a nice strong flavor, are grass-fed and are something I order at least every other month.

I order every other month now cause I caused myself burnout before having them with lunch, snacks, and then sometimes dinner or after dinner. Slowly learning to balance out different foods so as to not blow out my taste buds again!

Shrewd Crisps

Now these have a special place in my heart, they have the normal cheese and typical puff style flavors. Then they have produced these, the winners of my sweet tooth treats, Strawberry and Cookies and Cream Protein puffs.

These are yummy when you are looking for a good protein for travel but with a sweet tooth hit also. I find myself having to make sure I split and eat these slower as I will kill a package in an instant and not relish and savor them.

My favorite is the strawberry, my wife and daughter kill the cookies and cream ones like no ones business. I would say that neither will let you down and will help you get some additional protein in for that time when it is difficult to bring other sources with you.

F-Bomb Nut Butters

These are totally awesome Macadamia nut butter packages which have an amazing taste. They offer 4 different types of nut butter from chocolate, sea salt, pecan and coconut.

My favorite is the sea salt, my wifes favorite is the chocolate. I would suggest if you aren’t sure to grab the multi pack first to figure out your favorite. These are a nice small package and suitable for all travel use.

Please make note to knead well before opening though, if you don’t the separation will mean the oil can come out leaving all the yummy macadamia inside the package still!

Gone Rogue Chicken Chips

Now these have an odd place in my heart. At first when I found them the idea sounded like a dog food treat. Now I can’t travel without them. Honestly I love chicken and bacon together and that is why these are winners for myself.

I found these on Amazon a couple months ago while trying to find some new keto snacks for work and hiking where you want light and easy to carry foods.

As with some of the other crisps these make excellent dip with guacamole if you like Avocado. I have heard people blasphemy about how gross Avocados are, if you are one of them I feel sorry for you. Please try to prepare them differently they are amazing!

Cheese Whisps

Honestly I live on the Cheddar and Parmesan versions of these chips. HEB stocks them less than a mile from my home which means they are available for any trip or occasion.

I love these for travel eats, via car or air travel, these are also an excellent movie theater food. They are tremendously multi-purpose. I will have them as chips for Guacamole and salsa’s. Here is the multi pack to try from Amazon, it will open in another page so you can look at it later.

I know there are some other flavors but the BBQ has a lot of carbs so I try to avoid getting them. I found the Asiago once but wasn’t too amazed by the taste so I haven’t sought them out again either.


Prior to hearing about these I figured nuts were at best a small snack due to the carbohydrate count. Boy was I wrong about that, Pili Nuts are from the Philippines which is why until recently we had never heard of them.

Recently with the Keto diet becoming a sensation they started to show up online and on places like Amazon, linked is the mixed bag I typically purchase and the Pili Hunters website if you would like to know more about the company. If you haven’t heard of Pili Nuts they are most definitely worth the price, there is multiple flavors also.

They have an amazingly creamy texture and taste is exquisite (I prefer the salt and pepper flavor), my wife Cacao every-time. I am not a huge chocolate fan so she loves that I won’t steal these from her.

Feedback Or Questions?

I’m always interested in finding new and exciting foods that are travel proof since I am on the road a lot. These were my favorites I have located and kept track of over the last year.

I hope they fit the same need for you, I get everything typically on Amazon through Prime shipping to ensure I get them in 2 days in preparation for traveling. I would suggest you do the same and keep that pantry stocked!

If you have already eaten these or would like me to add something good to my list above please comment below and I will get back to you! I look for new foods to add to my travels all the time to avoid burnout!

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